Happy Birthday Babe!

Last year Jared spent his birthday worried about the kids melting in our house because the a/c went out and worried about me as he sat by my bedside in the ICU. His 40th bday was pretty much a downer. I wanted to make sure this year he felt relaxed, loved and spoiled. 🙂 
 I woke up early and ran and got his favorite donuts. Alayna wanted to decorate it as her gift to him. 
I think he liked it! 🙂 
We all sang him Happy Birthday…except for Walker. He was at Chandler High taking his S.A.T.’s. 
I think he made a special wish! 🙂 
We took him out to his favorite Chinese place…PF Changs! 
I just love this picture of him. He looks so happy! 🙂 
We went to see the new Wonder Woman movie. It was really good!!!
We got home and our friends had dropped off some bday ice cream for him. It was the perfect way to end the day!!
I’m so grateful this year’s bday was 180 degrees of last year! He deserves the best! He works hard for our family and I just love him with all of my heart! He is our anchor and our rock. He makes us stronger and he keeps us grounded. I don’t know what we’d do without him! So thankful for his life! Love you Babe! <3 

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