Family Temple Day!

 We did Family Temple Day a little differently this month. We usually go early in the morning but we had some conflicts so we decided to go at lunch time. It ended up being a perfect time to go!
The Temple was mostly full of people there for weddings. We saw so many brides. It was fun to look at all the different style of dresses. Alayna and I just ooo’d and ahhh’d. 😛 
The baptistery wasn’t busy and the guys were in and out in under an hour. 
Alayna and I learned how to find family name cards you’ve left at the temple for over a month. That was fun digging through all the boxes and credenzas. 😛 
I also planned a fun lesson for us to learn about why it’s important to treat our bodies like temples and then we played a game of charades that was themed to the lesson. She said it was the most fun day yet!!! <3
It was a beautiful spring day and it felt wonderful to be at the Temple!
We decided to try out Which Wich for lunch. It’s a sandwich place. It was ok. We all decided we wouldn’t go back though. Too many other yummy places to try! 🙂 

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