Vestibular Therapy

A bonus prize from Eli’s concussion was that he blacks out every time he goes from a sitting or laying down position to a standing position. The impact to the head has thrown his vestibular, which is in the inner ear and works like a gyroscope, it helps you to find and keep your balance. 
Eli put it well when he said, “It’s kind of like those no spill bowls for little kids. It always keeps the bowl upright.” 🙂 He’s a smarty! <3
They say time will usually be enough to help it correct itself but sometimes it needs a little help. 
The concussion specialist felt it would be beneficial to send him for a consult for therapy. 
We went to the Banner Desert Neurological Rehabilitation Center in Mesa.
They put him through several different tests to see what affects him the most with dizziness and blacking out. 
Some tests he did really well and others not as great. Over all he seems to have improved since just a week or so ago. 
They gave us some exercises for him to do at home twice a day that will help him get his balance back. He might have to wait another week before he can do them though since it requires him to turn his head and neck over and over and he’s still healing from the whiplash. 
I’m grateful he’s doing so well. It’s hasn’t been quite a month yet and he’s not in near the pain he was. <3 

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