Florida Elder Is Surrounded By Angels

No letter from Elder Kitch this week. Things have been busy
for him and he has been striving to get the needed help to manage the mental
health issues he’s been fighting. He’s taking it one day at a time. We were
pleased to hear that over the weekend things got a ‘little’ better for him. He
felt the Spirit carrying him and lifting him since Friday after we had a meeting
with him, the Mission President, and Sister Packard (a family friend and
therapist). He received a Priesthood Blessing as well. It was powerful!
We know the adversary is working on him with laser focus. We
forget, even though we are taught, how real he is and how powerful he is. I
won’t share all of his blessing but two lines stuck out to me were when the Lord said,
“Those negative thoughts are influenced by satan. He desires to destroy you.”
That gave me chills down my spine! But later in the blessing I got chills of
different kind when the Lord said, “Recognize there are many others on both
sides of the veil who surround you. When it talks in the scriptures, they will
go before your face and be on your right hand and on your left, those angels
are about you. Allow them to lift you.” He isn’t fighting this battle alone.
God is on his side as well as family here on earth and angel family and friends
in heaven.

 Jared shared a little
bit about what Walker has been going through at his Elder’s Quorum Presidency
meeting yesterday. He didn’t mention anything in the blessing that was given.
But Brother Neil Sorensen said, “It makes me wonder what amazing things are in
store for his future for the adversary to be focusing on him so much.” That
struck my heart to my core when Jared shared that with us. Walker is a choice
son of God!
Sunday, he said he felt “good”. But was clear that good
didn’t mean good, just not as low as he has been. He is trying to hang on to
these positive feelings for as long as possible. He’s going to try on his good
days, write what made that day good and keep a type of gratitude journal. I
think that’s such a great idea!
Jared also told us that in Elder’s Quorum, Brother Reeves shared
how you are always the Patriarch of your family. Even now, with his own dad
being 80-something years old, he will call and share something he read or a
scripture or whatever it may be and it will be the exact thing he needs to hear
at that time. But all the while, his dad isn’t even aware or been told what
he is going through. Jared shared that he’s been feeling that for Walker
recently. The Spirit is speaking to him more and giving him more inspiration on
his behalf.
Jared said he’s been feeling good about things. He knows that
it’s going to take work and things are very hard for Walker right now. But he
feels strongly that he can do this with the help of his Savior. We are really
proud that he is taking things day by day and doing his best to do the work. We
know that he will feel joy and see the world with color again.
He translated all of Sacrament meeting on Sunday. He did
really well. He said it helped the people speaking that day have clear accents.
He went to the Specialized Training. Elder Doney is new and
they went with him to get the training he needs. They were taught, went to the
USF campus and contacted, role played, were fed pizza (the favorite among the
missionaries) and ended the day with testimonies. Walker loves going to the
University. He always meets interesting people.
Alayna was still asleep even though it was 11am. I went into
her room so we could wake her up together. 😛 He was freaking out that she was
still sleeping! She slept for 13 hrs! Haha! We shared the dramatic afternoon we
had as we were going to lunch a couple of days ago. Eli put his finger in the
dry-cleaner hanger hook in the van and it got stuck. He couldn’t get it out. He
was in a panic and yelling saying it was swelling and he couldn’t get it out.
We tried to break the hook but we didn’t have anything strong enough. We poured
a ton of lotion on it to help it get slippery and Jared had to pull his finger
as hard as possible and he finally broke it free but also left a nice big chunk
of skin behind! The thing that makes this funny is Alayna couldn’t stop dying
laughing and even as she was retelling it Walker was like…why are you laughing
so much? LOL! And just the week before Eli did the same thing, but it wasn’t as
stuck or as bad, and we told him to never do it again…and he did. He has to
learn the hard way sometimes I guess. 😛
Walker also noticed how tall Alayna is getting. He was so
I sent him The Infinite Atonement. I read it a few years ago
and it was incredible. He is looking forward to reading it. He said he just
finished Jesus the Christ.
They had dinner at “the crazy rich Asian’s” house. They are
actually not Asian at all. They are Mexican and Columbian. 😛
Walker and Elder Doney got caught in a down pour one day
coming home. He said there wasn’t a cloud in the sky all day and as they headed
home the clouds rushed in and opened up and drenched them for 4.5 miles! LOL!  

He said the cinnamon rolls were delicious even though from
the picture they look disgusting! LOL! I guess a week in the mailbox will do
that. 😛 And thankfully no one died from food poisoning!
Walker and his companions were studying in the library recently and this old
guy comes up to them and starts talking with them. They didn’t know what to
make of him at first because in their experience people don’t like to talk to
missionaries. Which is ironic because missionaries love to talk to people. 😛
After a bit he decides to tell them some dad jokes.

Did you know that Moses was the first person to download from
the cloud to a tablet?

Do you guys know what kind of car the Apostles drove?

A Honda. Because they were all in one Accord! Haha!!
Walker LOVES a good dad joke! 😊

Interesting bumper sticker! LOL! 
Eli was teasing Walker about saying Oh my goodness so much
now. He loves to tease! Then Walker turned around and teased Eli for saying,
What do you mean??!! So much. LOL!
Walker said, do you remember when you tried make “buns” a
thing?? He said they say it out there so much! Eli said I spread across the
nation! 😛 Then he said there is an Elder Buns out here! Oh my gosh…we all died
Walker noticed Sammy sitting in Jared’s lap and it looked
like he was at his laptop. He asked, Is Sammy on your computer? Jared said,
Yes! And posed Sammy. It made Walker crack up.
He said his companions along with Seminal 1, which are Elder Beard and Elder Austin, are planning to go bowling later if they have time. I was so happy when I actually got pictures of it later!

 Over all the conversation was good. I’ve said it before that having the kids home to talk with him makes him happy. He is doing the best he can under the circumstances. It made my heart happy to see that despite all he’s going through he was able to smile and laugh. I know the Lord is strengthening him in every possible way. <3 
I asked him to smile for me so I could get a screenshot of him. 🙂

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