Sooo Tired…

Walker has been really struggling this year with being exhausted all the time. It doesn’t matter how much sleep he gets, he’s STILL tired. Being a teenager it’s hard for us to tell if he’s just a teen or is there something bigger underlying here? 
At Thanksgiving the family went to Texas for the reunion and Jared noticed that Walker was snoring pretty bad. But he’s always snored. Since he was a little guy. We had his adenoids checked when he was in Kinder or 1st grade but the pediatrician said they weren’t enlarged enough to warrant removing them. 
He does have seasonal allergies (4 seasons out of the year! 😛 ) so we also weren’t sure if that was a factor either. 
He’s been struggling to get his homework done, manage the stress in his life in an effective way, and his sleepiness seems to have gotten worse! So we scheduled him for a sleep study to see if he may have sleep apnea. Jared and my dad both have it.  
Last night he went to Phoenix Children’s Hospital with Jared. They arrived at 8:30pm.
 They got him all hooked up, wired up, and bandaged up!!! He looks like a trauma patient…not like someone getting ready for bed!!! LOL!!
He said it was pretty much the WORST night’s sleep he’s ever had. 🙁 
 As you can see he looks totally refreshed from a good night’s sleep!!! Poor kid! They were released bright and early and got home by 6am this morning. 
We should get the results in the next few days. 

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