4th Annual Kitch Polar Bear Club!!

It’s that time of year again!!! The 4th Annual Kitch Polar Bear Club! 
Numbers are steady from last year. No new recruits were found. 😛 Rain was in the forecast so members were nervous water temps would drop. Luckily it held off. 
This tradition is usually held on the 1st day of the year. However, this year it falls on a Sunday so we moved it to New Year’s Eve Day. Besides…the devil swims on Sunday! And we have church! 😛 LOL!!!
We had our camera crew ready to roll…
Members checking the water conditions…
Gathering up the courage to go through with this crazy idea!!! 😛 
Getting their game faces on!!! Let’s Rock This!!!! 🙂 
Here they go!!!!
Alayna totally psyched Dad out!! Hahaha!!! But his face is AMAZING!!!!! 
That water is cooooold!!!
Nuts I tell ya!!! 
Alayna decided to go with the pencil this year. 🙂
She lept out of that water!!! Hahaha!!! 
Big brother saving the day with hot out of the dryer towels! <3
And there you have it folks!!! Another year in the books! 🙂 
Temps were the warmest yet. It was only 55 degrees. The coldest it’s been is 42! That was the year Eli joined in and now he won’t do it again! LOL!! 
I say “only” 55 degrees…but you won’t catch me even dipping a toe in until it’s almost 90 degrees! LOL! I’m an AZ girl through and through!!! 😛
It’s fun to watch though and a tradition that will carry on for many years! Love my crazy family! <3

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