Happy Veteran’s Day!!!

 The 4th Graders at Alayna’s school had their Veteran’s Day Program. They invited Veterans from around this area to come and be apart of the day and enjoy a special speaker and some music the kids have worked hard learning. 
Whose crazy daughter is that in the back??? LOL!!
The Color Guard.  
 It’s sort of hard to see her. She’s the 2nd kid from the back, in front of the flag on the back wall, wearing red, giving two big thumbs up! 
These were the Veterans that came to be celebrated! 
The program was actually one of the better ones we’ve attended. I’ll admit I got choked up as each one of the men and women stood to tell us who they were and where they served. My heart is full of gratitude for these brave individuals and their selfless service to our nation! 
The kids did a GREAT job with the music too! Alayna was apart of a small group number and in typical fashion could not be seen from where we were sitting so I don’t have a pic of that. Darn it! But they sounded great and the songs were moving. 
Thankful that our schools still celebrate and recognize our Veterans!

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