Eli Life Scout Advancement

Eli has been hard at work in Scouts. His Troop had their Court of Honor last night and he received his Life Rank Advancement! 🙂 
This is always my favorite part! 😀

Mother’s Pin.
He also received the rest of his 3 monther merit badges. Family Life and Personal Management. He had actually done these all at the same time when he did his Personal Fitness but somehow never received them. 
Walker also got recognized. 🙂

He had to step out of the room for a little bit and missed his name being called. So I snapped this after the meeting. 😛
Walker also did the 3 month merit badges when Eli did them and he hadn’t received these 2 either. So he was finally awarded them. 🙂
Walker and Eli are now BOTH Life Scouts. It will be interesting to see which one gets their Eagle Project done 1st! 😛 
Eli is pretty motivated. He wants to have his by his 14th bday in April. He also wants to get it before his friend Tanner who also received his Life last night too. Stay tuned!!!! 😀

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