100 Meter Freestyle

Tonight was Alayna’s last regular swim meet of the season! Next week is Prelims and if she qualifies there she will be able to compete in the Championships! 
Waiting for her group to be called. Some children in the family need a little nap 1st. 😛
 These 100 Meter races are really tough!! These kids practice and practice and swim their hearts out everyday! It’s great for the body and pushes them to their limits! 😀 I’m so proud of Alayna for sticking with it this year!
 This race was sooo close. She was in 2nd for a long while and then her endurance started to fade. We thought she was a shoe in for 3rd but at the last few strokes another girl pulled ahead. She placed 4th and we are pleased as punch that she swam her heart and soul out there!!! 
Way to go Alayna!!! Nice job proving you can do hard things!!! 😀

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