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Jared has been working very hard the past couple of years. He’s working full-time, has a crazy busy calling at church, and is going back to school almost full-time! I don’t know how he does it and still manages to make time for our family!

For one of his classes he shares thoughts about what they are learning with other students on a forum. He’s attending a LDS college (BYU-I) and this was for his religion class. He sent this to me and I thought it was too good not to remember. I wanted to put it here so we can look back on it. Being a parent is a tough and scary job sometimes!
my post today….

   Tomorrow, my oldest kid is turning 16. There have been a lot of worries and feelings of excitement going on as I think about him driving and even more so, dating. He is quite excited to get out there and date. Before school ended, he got a girl’s number and told her that he was going to call her near the beginning of July. The girl is not a member, but she does have plenty of LDS friends, and she understands that he won’t be able to single date.

While this is what we have prepared and taught for, it is a scary time. It is impossible not to wonder if we have done everything that we could to send him another step out into the world. Have we demonstrated our love for the Lord, for the gospel, for him. As he is immersed more and more with those who do not hold to our faith, have we taught him enough and given him freedom enough to stand firm on his own testimony.

I know we are all at different stages, and we are all taking something different from this class, but that is what I am getting from it. I have to be the best father and husband that I can be so that my family as a whole can be happy. My son may have a girl get mad at him for opening the door for her. He may have another boy ask him on a date. He may have someone make compelling “arguments” for him to violate covenants he has already made or jeopardize future covenants. He may see a respected church leader being hateful or dishonest. And everyday I ask myself if we have created a home and environment for my kids that they will have the strength to know and do what is right. Do they know that I am there for them? Do they know that they are loved by their parents, their Savior, and their God?

(Sorry for this bit of off-topic post, but it has been all I have been thinking about as I go through the talks and other materials this week.)
I’m so grateful to for the man Jared is and the father he is to our children. I love that he thinks about these things and does his best to be his best for them. Gets you right in the cockles! 🙂

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