Lost In The Wilderness…

What we thought was going to be an easy quick hike yesterday, turned into a 4 hour crazy adventure! Up and down and up and down mountains, slippery rocks, cacti, and scaling down rough terrain. Apparently we started in the wrong place.

Loved finding this little surprise along the way.

There were some pretty amazing views though!

It was pretty amazing that my foot held up. We fought through WAY more than we expected to.

Alayna was such a trooper! She didn’t eat lunch before we left and she was STARVING. We didn’t think we were going to be gone very long and no one brought snacks.

Taking a short break in the shade waiting for us to catch up to her. I’m a VERY slow hiker.

We never even made it to our original destination, Fat Man’s Pass.

Alayna saw these two rocks and said, “Hey we found it!” LOL!

She makes me laugh! 😀

The real Fat Man’s Pass gets its name because the rock formation you pass through is very narrow. The pics below give you an idea of what it looks like. Thanks Google. 😛

We barely made it back to the van as the sun set. We came ill prepared without enough water, sunblock, food, or a clear map of where we were heading. Thankfully, we ran into an older gentleman at the top who helped us find the right path to get off that crazy mountain.

Every time we thought we were close we’d have to climb up ANOTHER mountain! Our legs were absolute jell-o! It was such a relief when we finally found our way down!

It’s a miracle we made it home! Lol! It was the Gilligan’s Island tour of hikes! 😂😂🏝️

If I had known what was ahead of us there is NO way I would have attempted this. There is NO way I would have thought my foot would have been capable of enduring such a treacherous hike. There is NO way I thought I was in good enough shape to climb through all that we did. And if I was alone there is NO way I could have made it.

Jared and Alayna were awesome cheerleaders for me! There kept telling me I was a rock-star and that I was doing so well. They were also physical supports for me to hold on to when I needed help in the really difficult parts.

It was a wild and crazy day but I learned a lot about myself. And it made me even more grateful for my family.

I miss getting outdoors and hiking…but maybe next time we’ll be a little better prepared! LOL!

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