Spring Break- Part 1

Spring Break finally arrived! Wooohoooo!!! We all needed this week off from school. The last week of the quarter just about killed all of us. We are still fighting the Plague of 2016, we worked our tails off trying to get everyone caught back up and assignments turned in before the end of the grading deadline. We are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted!
A week off from everything was perfect timing and a tender mercy!

I started off my break living it up! Monday morning I partied with a giant pile of laundry! I know…don’t be jealous! 😛
Tuesday we lived on the edge even more!

Do you recognize this special piece of soul killing facilities on earth??? Yup…this is the MVD. 
Walker and I spent 2.5 hours here (attempting to get his driver permit). Standing in lines, poking our eyes out, sniffing smells that make you want to curl up and die! Man that place is awful!

Walker is so funny. When we were getting his papers processed they scan your birth certificate and enter your data on their computers. When the woman pulled the papers out of the scanner he turns to me and whispers, “Well…I’m in the “system” now!!!” Oh my gosh…I was laughing so hard!!! Hahaha!!!

Unfortunately he didn’t pass. He missed it by one! 🙁 Apparently the computer test is hard and stressful. It tells you right away when you’ve missed a question so it starts to play with your mind and make you nervous and you end up missing more. Everyone who took the test with him didn’t pass either. A few girls were waiting with me while Walker was in the exam room and they said they were back to taking the written test and it was MUCH easier! They don’t let you take the written test your first time however. There is also the fact he figured it was going to be a piece of cake and read the manual ONCE!!! So we’ll be back next week. They make you wait 7 days to retake it. 
Thursday we felt like Jared was being left out. So we took him down to have a sleep study done. 😛
 This was the longest appointment for no other reason than the nurse/tech had no clue what he was doing and fiddled around with the equipment for an hour before he called someone to help him!
Jared has been snoring pretty bad lately and we aren’t sure if he might have sleep apnea. We picked up the equipment from the sleep center and he was able to do the test at home…which was nice.  
Here he is all dolled up!!! Pretty cute huh!?! LOL!!!! 
Friday we needed some down time from all this “fun”.
  Walker decided to try out a fancy new hairstyle. LOL! And we got milkshakes and watched Divergent together! 😀
Stay tuned for part 2….

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