Our Gardener

We usually have cats claw growing on our front porch. About once a year we have to cut it down to the ground so it doesn’t over take the entire house! LOL! 
This is how it typically looks. 🙂 I love it!

A few weeks ago we chopped it down. Jared got extra aggressive and chopped it down to a stump. We didn’t see any signs of new life so Alayna and I went out and bought a new one. It wasn’t until further inspection that we saw 2 little new shoots coming off of it. Jared wanted to go ahead and replace it though. The base of it had become a tree trunk. LOL! 
New vine. 
We didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into! Alayna and Jared started digging the old one out. They dug and dug and chopped and sawed and dug some more!!!
That think did NOT want to budge!!!!
FINALLY they got it out!!! 😀 Alayna was so excited!!! 
You can see the root system where Jared is pointing. It was about 3 inches around and had dug itself under the house! Crazy thing!
They planted the new vine and it looks great! 🙂
I’m glad to have a new one starting to grow. Everyone who has come to the house the past few weeks keep saying….”I wasn’t sure if I had the right house with the vine gone.” LOL!!! 😀 

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