Growing in Faith

I called Walker’s Seminary teacher to let him know he wasn’t going to be in school. He needed a “personal day”. He’d stayed up until 2am two nights in a row doing homework and he was just exhausted. He rarely misses school and we all need a little personal time now and then, so I let him stay home.
When I was talking to Bro. Miles he was happy to hear from me. I think it must be a pre-requisite as a Seminary teacher to be super chipper all the time..LOL!
He said he loves having Walker in his class and he thinks he’s just a really great guy!!! I can’t tell you how that melts my heart as a mom. I of course love my kids beyond measure but hearing it from teachers or anyone who interacts with my children on a regular basis say they feel the same way is priceless! 🙂
He then went on to share a story with me that had just occurred the day before in class:
He said each of the kids take turns doing a devotional. They usually choose a scripture and sort of regurgitate what it says and sit down. 
Bro. Miles said it was Walker’s turn that day and when he went up he started out by saying he didn’t have a scripture but that he wanted to bear his testimony instead. (This blew his teacher away. He could tell Walker was a little nervous about doing this…Walker never gets nervous to speak….) He bore his testimony about how in the scriptures it talks a lot about having faith and believing in Heavenly Father. He said he is really trying to apply this in his life right now. He doesn’t often feel the Holy Ghost in his life. He has on occasion but not as much as he’d like. He went on to say that even though he doesn’t always feel the Spirit or have ground shaking experiences where he’s on fire with the Spirit, he continues to put his trust and faith in Jesus and Heavenly Father. He knows they are there and he wants to feel them close so he’s not giving up on doing the things he knows will bring those opportunities to him. 
Bro. Miles then said Walker probably didn’t even notice but the room was silent and the kids were riveted and hanging on to every word. He said it meant so much to him as the teacher to have him share a ‘real’ experience and how he is handling it. 
I am so proud of that boy! What a brave and courageous thing to share. I know even though he may not think the Spirit is with him, it is clear from this experience he is! 
The class was moved by the Spirit and Walker’s testimony…he was the conduit for the Lord to touch those students hearts that day. I’m sure many of those kids have or have had the same feelings as him. They are all finding their way and growing in their relationship with their Lord and Savior.  
High School is a time when you are figuring out so much about yourself and the world around you. I’m so grateful that Walker has made the decision to learn more about his Heavenly Father and how He speaks to him. It’s a beautiful thing! These are the relationships that matter most….for eternity even….My heart is full!!!

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