Christmas Traditions

A few years ago we went to see Mamaw and Pampa on the Farm in Texas at Christmas. When we were there Mamaw made her famous peanut brittle. The next year Eli and I made some together at his request he absolutely loves the stuff! 
This year we got to talking about how we haven’t made it in a while so we decided to remedy that! 🙂
It turned out perfect!! The only thing missing was Mamaw! We sure miss her!
Personally I had a hankering for some sugar cookies. 😛 Every year we get plates and plates of cookies. Not this’s quite strange! So….I got to fixing that problem real quick too! LOL!
I think they look so pretty even un-iced. 😀
Jared and Alayna’s cookies were the only ones I got a picture of. The boys and I ate ours too fast!!! 😛 They are mighty tasty!
This is our new family ornament this year. I just thought I’d throw it in cuz I think it’s awesome! LOL!!! Christmas is in just a few days! 😀 

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