Elvis is in the Building!

Alayna had to choose a Famous American to do a report on. It’s the BIG end of the year project for 2nd Grade. She chose Elvis Presley! 😀
We worked on this for a few days getting different facts, pictures, and compiling it into one poster for her to present on Monday.
 We learned he was a twin! Who knew? (Probably a lot of people, but we didn’t! 😛 ) We learned that he met Priscilla (his wife) when she was only 14 years old. There were so many interesting things!
She loved learning more about him. She already loved his music, but hadn’t really seen his performances. Thanks to YouTube you can travel back in time and see so many awesome things he did! 
She really did most of the work on this. I’m very proud of her! 🙂 

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