Spring Clean Up- Back Yard Makeover!

We put in the pool about 2 summer’s ago. We wanted to make over the backyard at the same time…but sometimes you have to save up for the things you want. 😛
We have a lot of flowering, leaf dropping, tree rooting plants that were too close to the pool and beginning to damage the filters. So we bit the bullet and started getting quotes for the work to begin. After all, we spent our hard earned cash for this awesome pool, we didn’t want to ruin it! 
Here are the ‘Before’ pics…..

The oleander in the center has been our bane since the beginning. I don’t know why we didn’t just rip it out when they installed the pool, but we didn’t. It is SO close to the cool deck that it would just drop seeds, flowers, and leaves into the pool. You couldn’t even walk by it! A few weeks ago I was D-O-N-E! and I took some loppers and I hacked it down to a stump! LOL!! It was as big, if not bigger, than the two large ones on each side in this picture. 
The grass is also another issue. We think it got over compacted when the bobcats were brought in. We used to have a beautiful green lawn, and now we have….this! 🙁
Yesterday the landscaper came and got to work! 
I’m not sure bushes are supposed to be IN the pool..lol!
This guy wasn’t a spring chicken, but he was a BEAST! He was here for 5 hours and did all of the work himself! I’m not sure if you can see the size of the hole he had to dig to get those 7…yes 7…oleanders out of the ground. Look at the size of that root ball in the yard!! I think he may be my new hero! 😀  
And here is the ‘After’!
So in all, he removed 7 oleanders, cut down that tree in the right corner, trimmed the tree one the left side of the yard as well as cut some of the root back so it wouldn’t push up the curbing anymore. He also trimmed two of the bushes on that side as well. He leveled out the yard and put a treatment in the grass to help it to come back to life.
We were hoping to keep the pool clean…that didn’t work!! LOL!!! Guess who got to go out and skim the pool for an hour!?! 
The landscaper is going to come back on Monday to help us choose plants that won’t litter so much and will be easier to maintain. He’s also got a hardscape guy he works with that we need an estimate on for the space between the cool deck and the back porch. As soon as we get all of that in place I will update with the final outcome!!! 
The yard looks so much cleaner and it will be a breeze to take care of this summer when the temps reach 115+!!

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