Cutie Patootie!

Miss Alayna is becoming a young lady and is starting to voice her opinions about her ‘style’. 🙂 This year she has cut her hair…a lot! We’ve always kept it pretty long. About mid back or so. 
Once Mr.Spencer got a hold of her locks we had to cut it and she wanted it really short then. I couldn’t bare to let her go too short cuz I love her gorgeous hair so we compromised. 
Well here we are a few months later and she asked to get it cut to the length she originally wanted. How could I resist? She’s so cute! 
Our Bishop’s wife Sis. Hawk cuts hair in her home after school most days and we made an appointment with her and she gave her the cutest cut! 🙂 Alayna just LOVES it!!! 🙂
I had nothing to worry about…she is beautiful no matter what style she wears! 😉 It’s fun to see her personality emerging and what she likes!!

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