At Your Service!!!

Eli joined the Oceanography Club at school this year and has been loving it! The Club goes on a trip to San Diego at the conclusion of the Club. The students have to come up with the money to fund the trip on their own. There are no fund raisers. We were a little worried Eli wouldn’t be able to go since Jared has been out of work. Our Relief Society has a FaceBook page and I posted on there that anyone willing to hire Eli for yard work or chores he was ready to put in the effort so he could go. By that evening our wonderful friends the O’Loughlin’s said they’d pay for his entire trip!!!! We just couldn’t believe their generosity! 
I quickly responded with our humble gratitude and then asked them to still please allow Eli to at least come and rake leaves or something so he could work for some of it. They said he didn’t need to but if it was important to us they would call when they were ready. 
Well, today they called and Eli went over for about an hour to do some yard work. Bro. O’Loughlin asked him when they were finished how many bags he thought they’d fill and Eli said 2. Bro. O’Loughlin has “some” experience with raking and he guessed 6…he was correct! 🙂 

Eli had a great time. He loves working with his hands and working outside. Bro. O’Loughlin said it was fun getting to know Eli a little bit better and he was happy to have the help. He said that it usually takes him 1.5hrs. to do the yard himself and with Eli’s help it was just about 45 min! 🙂
Later that evening he emailed us this picture and said, “Eli did a great job. Yes sir, yes sir, 6 bags full.”
I love that he took a picture for us!! He’s a man after my own record keeping heart! LOL!
He had Eli climb the ladder and stomp down those leaves. I’m so happy they called and let him come help after all. They are amazing friends and our family ,especially Eli, will never forget their generosity and kindness! We are so blessed to have people in our lives that are true examples of Christlike Love. 
Eli leaves on his trip on Friday afternoon after school. We will have a full post of his adventures when he gets back! 🙂

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