I Would Walk 100 Thousand Miles…I Would Walk 100 Thousand More…Or Drive…

Ok so I know those aren’t the actual lyrics to the song but it’s what popped into my head..LOL!
Today as we were pulling out of the garage to go to church Jared noticed the odometer was exactly at 100,000 miles! 
We bought the van back in 2001 brand new…it’s actually a 2002 model… and it’s been a great vehicle. She’s definitely in need of some TLC here and there but for the most part she’s been great. Her nickname is Big Red. 😛
Today also happens to be 11/10 and that’s just a lot of 1’s and 0’s in a day. Hehehe!
We are crossing our fingers Big Red will continue to get us to the places we need. I mostly drive her in town to go shopping, taking the kids to/from school, practices, scouts, church, and running a million errands. We’ve taken her to New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah, and my favorite place California..or maybe I should clarify…Disneyland!!! 😀 
She’s the perfect size, seating 7 passengers comfortably and still plenty of room for all the coloring books, games, and toys that inevitably find there way in on trips. 
Here’s to another 100,000 more miles Big Red!!!

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