Summer = Swimming and that’s pretty much all we’ve done this summer! 
All the kids were in lessons again this year for at least one session or more. Walker did one week for review on all his strokes before he went on his Scout River Trip. Eli did a few sessions to get his endurance up and to learn all the strokes better, and little Miss Alayna went for every session to get her swimming like a fish…I mean Mermaid! (She’s obsessed with mermaids..lol!)
Last year Alayna was still having a bit of a hard time in lessons but this year something just “clicked” and she’s doing awesome! She finally using those big arms and she went up 3 levels this summer! 😀
I was a lame mom and I forgot to take a pic of the boys when they had their lessons so I made them pose with Alayna on her last day. 😛 Can you tell they were so happy with that idea??? hahaha!
She likes to pose! LOL!
Look at those beautiful big arms!!! Yay!
This is pretty much what the boys were up to while we were there….LOL!
Alayna doesn’t really have a lot of fears. In a lot of ways that’s totally awesome. I remember being a kid and taking lessons and when they asked me to jump off the diving board I ran for the hills! I was terrified! Not my little dare devil though…she was more than happy to jump off that thing into the deep water!
She’s practically a pro now! She even tried some dives and cannon balls! She cracks me up! 🙂 I’m so proud of her. She’s come a long way this year! Great job sweetie!

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