Julie Came to Visit

 Jared’s sister Julie lives in Washington and she came down for the weekend for a visit. This was a perfect time for Jared to break in his Father’s Day present so we had everyone over for dinner and he smoked some ribs! 🙂
 Let me tell you they were the BEST ribs I’ve ever had! My mouth is watering just looking at those suckers!
That smile on his face is well earned. He should be proud of himself for sure! Great job babe!
Julie also introduced us to her new boyfriend Tom. He lives here in AZ. Maybe with any luck we might be seeing more of her then! ;P
We pretty much just ate and ate until we couldn’t fit any more! We had a great time visiting and playing games it was a nice evening. 

Here are 4 of the 5 Kitch Kids. 🙂

Alayna made up for lost time with her Aunt Julie and they took Sammy for a walk around the neighborhood together. They found some tadpoles that they brought home and it poured rain on them. Alayna really didn’t want her to leave! I mean who wouldn’t? Doesn’t that sound like an awesome afternoon? LOL!
It was great seeing her and having the family get together. We hope she can make another trip down in October too! Maybe we can get Jared to smoke some pork next time! 😀

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