Happy 13th Birthday Walker!!

As I mentioned a couple of days ago a certain member of the family had a birthday. Not just any ordinary birthday….this one marked an important turning point. He became….a “teenager”!!!!
I asked him if he felt any different? He said not really. I said you don’t feel all dark and moody now that you are a teen? He just laughed at me and said no. Hehehe!
 I will say though we measured him on our fancy measuring stick in the hallway and in the past year he’s grown 5″!! He really hit a spurt and he’s now 5′ 2.5″!! Most of which I think took place about a week ago. He walked into my room the other morning and I seemed to have to look quite a bit higher than I used to. 😛
For his birthday he wanted a bucket of Chex Mix. He LOVES the stuff. I was going to make him some but he just wanted the bags from the store. Who am I to argue?? 😛 I think wanting junk food is a clear sign of teenager-hood. 🙂
He invited a couple of friends over and we went to see “Despicable Me 2”. It was a really cute movie. Those minions are a crack up. 
We went back to the house for pizza and the traditional Oreo ice cream cake. 
He got some pretty cool gifts and the guys played games well into the night. He reports that he felt very spoiled this year! 🙂 
Happy 13th Birthday Walker!!!!!

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