Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I have to say it was one of the sweetest Mother’s Days I’ve had yet! The kids and Jared showered me with hugs, kisses, cards, candy, food, and best of all their love!
A funny thing about Alayna’s gift..The picture of her that says “I love you to pieces!” …she made this in her Kindergarten class and I’m sure her teacher had no idea that we say this to each other every night in a little song we made up a year or so ago. It was very fitting and meant that much more to me because of our nightly tradition. 🙂
Eli made the little book with the purple and white flowers and it was filled with compliments and sweet things he thought to write about his mama. 
Walker doesn’t really do a school Mother’s Day craft now that he’s in Jr. High so the little ones helped him out by making me a card from all of them. It was very sweet! 🙂
Jared asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day this year and I really wanted a brunch…think, Alice in Wonderland style tea party brunch. Apparently those are hard to come by, so we went to this place in Mesa called Midwestern Meats that Grandma & Grandpa Morrison reccommended a few weeks ago. We’d never been and I love to try new places so we showed up early and got a table right away! 
I ordered french toast which was just what you would hope of a good french toast. Thick bread, eggy, moist..yum! Jared got chicken fried steak and a side of biscuits and gravy for all of us to share. The chicken fried steak was good..the gravy needed lots of salt/pepper so that was a little disappointing. The biscuits were hearty but again the gravy was the same gravy. Alayna go a baconcake. It was a pancake with bacon inside of it! Have I mentioned that that girl LOVES bacon, sausage, steak..all meat really! LOL! Walker got a chocolate chip waffle he liked a lot and Eli got the Sweetheart Waffle. It had strawberries (his FAVE), pecans, strawberry syrup, chocolate syrup (he requested no chocolate syrup), and whipped cream. He was in heaven! In fact, we all shared a few bites at least of what everyone else had gotten and we were all surprised at how good Eli’s breakfast was! We all assumed it was going to be over the top sweet but it wasn’t, it was de-lish! 😀
 After breakfast we went over to Grandma & Grandpa’s to wish Grandma a Happy Mother’s Day. I got her a card that made her cry (score for being an awesome!) and I made her an Almond Joy Pie. It was to die for! 🙂 

When we left Grandma’s we went to see the movie The Croods. It was such a CUTE movie. I’ve seen 100’s of kid movies over the years. Some good some bad some in between. This one was really pretty funny and entertaining. We will definitely be buying this one when it’s out on DVD! 
I’ve been craving deep dish pizza for a while..not sure why cuz it’s not usually my thing..but I have. So after the movie we went to Old Chicago Pizza. I ordered my usual toppings; pepperoni, black olive, mushroom and extra sauce. It hit the craving tastebud sensation for sure! I’m drooling just thinking about it! 😛
 We headed home and for dessert we had a brownie taste off! Jared made Betty Crocker Supreme and Ghirardelli Supreme..ya know to be fair. The overwhelming winner was Ghrardelli!!! It has a much deeper chocolate flavor and richer texture. I ate half the pan to myself!! Hahaha! The kids were astounded! 😛 
It was a perfect Mother’s Day with my precious family! I felt so appreciated and thought of. I’m so grateful for each one of them!!

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