May The Force Be With You…

Eli finally went to a specialist today for his sprained foot/ankle. They decided to give him a fancy shmancey boot. It looks surprisingly similar to a Storm Trooper boot! LOL!
The doctor said that the part of his foot he sprained is one of the slowest healing. So we have to be patient and give it time. Not exactly what we were hoping to hear. The good news is it’s not torn so he doesn’t need surgery. Eli was QUITE relieved to hear that!! 🙂
It will take some time for him to get used to the boot. It’s sorta heavy and awkward to walk in, but it will be so much easier for him to get around, and it frees up his hands not having to use those darn crutches anymore! 
We pray everyday that his foot will heal. It’s so hard not being able to play and run around they way he wants to. Of all my kids he’s my most sporty/active one and this has been a real challenge for him. We had to pull him out of football for the entire season as well. That was a low blow. 🙁 
He’s supposed to go back to the podiatrist in 3 weeks and hopefully things will have progressed for the better!

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