Christmas Fun 2012!

Our Christmas festivities started out on Christmas Eve with Jared’s family coming over for brunch. We had pancakes, bacon, cheese danish, papas & chorizo, beans and tortillas…There was not a single person that wasn’t absolutely STUFFED silly! 😛

After brunch we gathered around and opened the gifts Mamaw & Pampa sent the Grandkids!

 Eli got a Pirate Lego set. 
Alayna got Pop the Pig! 😛 She had been begging for that game..she cracks me up!
Carlos got a Ninjago set.
Walker got 2 books. The Book of Immaturity and Jokelepedia.
This was Great Grandbaby Rosie’s 1st Christmas!
She got the ‘classic’ Mamaw gift…Veggie Tales Nativity!
Jake and Jared got cash! 😀
Always a big hit with the older kids!
We gathered everyone together to video them thanking Mamaw & Pampa and wishing them a Merry Christmas. We plan to send that to them real soon! 😀

It was a very nice morning with Jared’s family. 

 After the mornings’ activity it was time to head over to Grandma & Grandpa’s house for more food & gifts!!
I posted earlier the photos we took of all the kids & grandkids and today was the reveal!

They loved it! We even got ‘the cry’!! That’s how you know it was the perfect gift! 😀

Alayna & Isaak finally got their turn reading names and passing out the gifts to everyone!

Hooray for Kindergartners that can read! 🙂

We opened gifts and ate until they had to roll us out the door! It was our 1st Christmas at Mom & Dad’s new house and the beautiful thing is, it doesn’t matter ‘where’ you spend the holidays…as long as you are with your family! 

Christmas morning came bright and early!!

The kids were up earlier but didn’t wake me until 5 a.m….I tried my best to fall back asleep until a decent hour..but I didn’t succeed. 😛

Our traditional pic with Santa! Or as Alayna has learned in school this year and reminds us continually his name is also Sinterklaas! LOL!

Look at the size of that doll house..someone must have been ‘extra’ good this year! 

The stockings were hit 1st!

Walker had been dying for a mirror for his room.

 A set of LaLa Loopsie dollies!

An Owl Webkinz.

Hand and feet warmers for those coooold Scout Camp campouts!

LaLa Loopsie coloring books!

Chess Solitaire!
Flynn Rider!

Both boys got a Minecraft membership!

A pocket chair! LOL!
Unicorn shirt.

Xploderz ..this should be epic!

Magnetic cool!
Nerf gun.
Ladybug poops and scoops! This is all she wanted this year…she was SOOO thrilled when she opened this gift. I can’t believe she wanted it! Hahaha! Only my child! 😛

Buckybars…Santa must have gotten one of the last boxes cuz sadly they aren’t sold anymore. Kids have been swallowing them and can guess the rest…

The kids have been cleaning Grandma’s house to earn extra cash. So this year they bought each other gifts with their own hard earned cash!!! Walker got Alayna a fairy necklace.

Eli got her this sweet glass dolphin. 
Alayna got Walker a Number 1 Brother pen and Eli a Best Brother in the World key chain. (Sorry no pic..they were too fast at opening everything!)

Prince Charming!
Once the tornado of children and gifts settled down it was time for breakfast to replenish our energy!

The kids had Santa Pancakes! 

And the grown ups had Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Compote!
It was a busy Christmas but it was filled with family, food, and fun! 

Merry Christmas!!

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  • Jill Ison

    lucy got the same lady bug pooper! ha i have to say though arent orbies those things they put in diapers to soak up all the liquid? looks like a great christmas! Its fun to see your family on here.

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