Disney Day 3…Ain’t it “Grand”!?!

We had tried to ride Winnie the Pooh the day before but right as we got up in line the ride broke down and they sent us all away. Alayna was dying to go back to try again so we made a ‘Bee line” for that ride first thing in the morning! (Get it? Bee line…Bee. Line. Hahaha! I kill me! :P)

Upon exiting the ride Walker spotted this sign and he thought it was rather gross..LOL!

My sweet kids! 🙂

On our way over to ride the canoes, which we’ve never ridden before, we ran into these fun guys! 🙂

I’m not sure why we’ve never ridden these before because they were so much fun! You can get pretty wet if the person in front/back of you isn’t careful with their paddle. But that’s all apart of the experience as the woman in front of Alayna found out! Hahahaha!

We’re not sure how the guides paddle these canoes all day everyday…it was a major workout! But then again, they had some major guns! 😛

We worked up a nice appetite so we went to have lunch at the Hungry Bear Restaurant that just revamped their menu so we had to mark off another ‘must do’. 🙂 Jared ordered the chili cheese burger with onion rings. I got the fried green tomato sandwich with a side of tangy coleslaw. Walker ordered the chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries. Eli got the kids burger with sweet potato fries. And Alayna got the kids chicken with apple slices. We all were pretty happy with our choices. The onion rings were REALLY good!

For dessert we got blueberry pies and the biggest lemon cupcakes EVER! I swear those things weighed a good pound each! Both were VERY tasty!!! MMMM!

We rolled ourselves out of there and started heading out of the park to check into our 2nd hotel, The Grand Californian Hotel!
But before we left to do that we spotted Minnie and well…we had to say hello! 🙂

We were so excited to be able to stay at the Grand Californian Hotel. We used our credit card miles to pay for it. Otherwise we wouldn’t ever be able to really afford to stay there. The hotel is connected to DCA (Disney’s California Adventure Park) so you can run in and out to your hearts content!

The room was a good size and there was a trundle under the bunkbeds so everyone had a bed! 🙂 Every room has a balcony too!

The view from our room! Not too shabby!!! 😀

Even the toilet paper is gussied up! 😛 LOL!

It’s been a dream of mine and Jared’s to be able to stay at this hotel. We were almost wishing it wouldn’t live up to our expectations so we wouldn’t have to yearn to go back. LOL! Sadly…it did and we will now always know what we will be missing. It really changed the way we vacationed at Disney..it was WONDERFUL!!!!

After taking a break at the hotel and eating lunch, we felt refreshed and refueled to head back to the Park. Our next ‘to do’ was to ride the monorail so we boarded at the Downtown Disney Station.

It takes you around and drops you off in Tomorrowland right by Finding Nemo. It makes it a very fast and convenient way to enter the park. 🙂
We hadn’t ridden Peter Pan yet this trip so we made our way over and jumped in line.

It really is a simple yet great ride! That’s probably why the line is almost never under 45-60min! 😛
Alayna had never ridden the Casey Jr. Train so we had to mark that one off the list as well.

It’s similar to Storybook Land but faster! 😛

I think she likes it!

She loved the part where Casey climbs the hill and says, “I think I can, I think I can! WooWoo!” 😀

Jungle Cruise was next. It’s a classic! 🙂

The waterfall…

The backside of water!! Hardy, har, har! 😛

Do you want to see something Bizarre???

Hahahaha!!! I had to! 😛

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