Disney Day 2…Let the Magic Begin!

The 1st thing on our agenda for “Things we never seem to get around to doing”, was Pirate’s Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. You take a raft across the Rivers of America and your children are free to get lost, I mean…play for as long as they like! Or mom and dad get tired of waiting..lol!

Love that little smile! 😀

Don’t I look just pathetic??? LOL! I have to tell you too, that this island is not very accommodating for wheel chairs going solo. I almost flipped backwards down a hill at one point. Some sweet lady caught me just in the nick of time! Hahaha! I highly recommend a buddy system if you need to be in one of these things.

Jared followed the kids around as they walked across bridges, climbed over obstacles, discovered caves, explored tree houses, found tombstones and discovered treasure! 🙂

The kids loved the Pirate’s Lair. I’m glad we finally made it over there!

Next up was Huanted Mansion. This is one of Walker’s favorite rides.

Alayna on the other hand was quite distraught. She has ridden this ride many times, but the last time she rode it at Christmas, Jack Skellington was there to make it more kid friendly (don’t ask me how a skeleton can do this, but she LOVES the movie ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’. She’s a very unique little girl. LOL!) he won’t be back to visit until October and she wasn’t too pleased with this information and then refused to go on.

So..after the boys and I rode Haunted we stopped at the little park area by New Orleans Square to eat some lunch we packed in. We had a cherry pit spitting competition but Jared blew everyone away with his skilz and it really wasn’t a fair competition. 😛

Next, we headed to ride Pirates of the Caribbean because that’s my very favorite ride! They’ve added Black Beard to the fog/mist as you enter the cavern, to coincide with the newest movie they released last month. He replaced Davey Jones.

After my Pirates fix, we went over to Main Street to catch the new ‘Soundsational Parade’. Another item we checked off of our ‘to do’ list. Of course we got there a bit early and so I took some pics to pass the time. 🙂 Let me also add that being in a wheel chair has some pretty nice perks. You get special reserved seating for parades and you save several hours a day not having to wait in long lines at attractions. I guess that makes up a little bit for feeling like a dork riding around in one.

I had heard really good things about his new parade, but you never really know until you see it for yourself how good it will be. I am happy to report it was FANTASTIC! Disney has gone back to the good ‘ol classic parade with great characters, wonderful music, and it doesn’t have any awkward pauses during its route. Two BIG thumbs up!!!

Here are just a few of the characters and floats from the parade:

The parade starts out with these drumline guys who are really good. They get the crowd pumped with a groovy rhythm and I’ll admit it took me back to my marching band days…I loved it! 😀

Minnie and Mickey follow and Mr. Mouse is ACTUALLY drumming along with the music! No acting here folks! 🙂

Donald Duck is always a crowd favorite. Did you also know that he just celebrated his 77th birthday? Yep..June 9, 1934, he debuted in the Silly Symphony cartoon, “The Wise Little Hen”.

It’s fun having a little girl to enjoy the Princesses with! 🙂

The newest Princess…Rapunzel! 🙂

The parade ends with Mary Poppins who is my all time favorite, and the music ‘Step in Time’. Now, if we could just manage to get her autograph. It seems every time we go the line closes right in front of us or she’s about to leave…Maybe next time! 🙂

Our next ‘to do’ was Alice. It’s very odd that we ride every ride in Fantasyland pretty much every trip but seem to NEVER make it to Alice in Wonderland. This time we made it and it was a great little ride. One note: When the ride first opened it went in chronological order, but it lacked a big finish ending. So when they re-did Fantasyland they changed it and put the Tea Party at the end to give it a better finale. Fun Fact! 😛

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    We have the exact same effect on Mary Poppins! She's always in a hurry or "off to tea!" when we try to get her autograph!

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