Running for Office

Walker has decided to run for Student Council Secretary for next year. Only 5th graders are allowed to run.

He’s already turned in his first essay last week stating why he believes he’d be a good candidate.

“I see myself fulfilling the tasks of student council officer quickly, efficiently, and completely. I am the best person for secretary because I listen well and have great grades; I am fun, friendly, and lastly good with people. I also know a lot of the students at school.

The most difficult part of being the secretary will be making sure I take complete and accurate notes. I am also involved in Cub Scouts, play the piano, and work hard to get all of my homework done, so I am looking forward to the challenge of balancing all of these activities.

I do believe that the people of student council should be a role model. I think that because people look up to them. If they misbehave, the students might misbehave also. Being a role model means behaving and helping others. Being a good leader entails listening to what other students have to say. By being a good example to my classmates they will respect me and trust that I will do a good job as secretary.”

Last night we worked on his posters. We were up til about 11pm getting them done, but I think they turned out GREAT! Jared went to the school this morning to help him hang them up and they were pleased with our hard work! 🙂

The writing on the poster is hard to read it says:
Others talk. Walker acts.

Research shows that Walker’s unique mix of leadership and humor can help build school spirit. And his intellect can help everyone reach their full potential. So vote for Walker Kitch for Secretary.

Yesterday he wrote his speech that will be broadcast live on Friday at school.

“Hi my name is Walker Kitch. I’m running for Student Council Secretary. If you vote for me for Secretary you’ll get desert for lunch, rocket powered swings, jungle gym robots, a circus in the field, a full length football field, and talking will be allowed in class. Kidding! But, let me tell you about myself.I come from a family of five. I’m the eldest child in my family. I play the trumpet and piano. I’ve played the piano since I was 5 ½. I’m also in A.L.P. I’ve been a straight ‘A’ student since Kindergarten. I’ve been in Cub Scouts for almost three years. And I like to read, play video games, and run around with my friends.

I think the Secretary should be neat, responsible, organized, and like to write. I try to be neat, I am responsible for many things, try to keep organized, and love to write. As Secretary I will try to improve our school and gain leadership skills. I would love to share my creative ideas and talents with Settler’s Point and the Student Council. For example, I would like to create different Spirit Days. Some of them would be the Ultimate Wacky Day and Funny Face Day.

So, as you can see I would be the BEST choice for Student Council Secretary. So remember to vote Walker Kitch for Secretary!!”

We also made these stickers to pass out to the student body to remind them to vote for Walker! 🙂

Election day is Friday…keep your fingers crossed!!! 😀


  • vanessakitch

    I think he knows how to play his odds. 😛 He's clever like that. EVERYONE wants to be president and the competitions is fierce. He still wants to be in the student council so he ran for an office he's stronger at anyway, secretary fits him to a T, and he has a better chance at winning against those who ran for his choice of office. 🙂 Momma raised a smart boy! LOL!

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