COVID Testing

Alayna and I started feeling crummy over the weekend. Low grade fevers, body aches, and she has a terrible cough. I decided we better go check to see if we had COVID.

Chandler Gilbert Community College is hosting Embry Women’s Health at their campus. Embry Women’s Health is offering free drive up tests. We made our appt. online and headed down.

Sorry about the blurry pic. My new phone is not taking selfies clearly.

The process was really easy. You don’t even get out of your car. They come to you, check your ID and insurance if you have it, swab your nostrils, and send you your results within 24-48 hours by text/email.

We just got our results today (24 hours later) and we are both negative.

I’m amazed at how quick and efficient this process is! The science/technology behind it blows my mind. I’m also really grateful. Just being able to know so quickly helped to put our mind at ease and also helps with decisions that may have needed to be made if the results ended up being positive. Contact tracing, letting her school know, etc.

October is always a tough month for Alayna. She tends to have respiratory issues most years. Walking pneumonia hits her often. Two years ago she actually ended up in the hospital with full blown pneumonia that wasn’t responding to treatment. She was there for almost a week. It was pretty scary.

COVID is also a respiratory illness so it makes me nervous for her. I just don’t know how it’s going to affect her since she seems to already struggle. I pray God will watch over her and my family if/when we do come in contact with it. I know it’s inevitable. There is still no vaccine. In fact, Johnson and Johnson had to pause their trials recently because one of the test subject got sick with a “illness”. I don’t even know what that means but it was obviously a big enough deal that it required them to put a halt on things. I’m nervous about certain vaccines and their safety anyway. We won’t be the first in line until they can show it’s safe and actually works.

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