Spontaneous Bday Photoshoot!!

Today is Alayna’s birthday!!!!! Where has the time gone??? She’s been looking forward to turning 4 for about 6 months!! LOL!

She keeps asking me, “Am I bigger now?” It’s so adorable…as if turning 4 can instantly change everything. Children sure see things from a wishful point of view. 🙂

Even though we already had her party I didn’t want the actual day to go uncelebrated, so we took her out to lunch and then she got to go to Baskin Robin’s for her free Birthday scoop! 🙂 She thought she was in heaven!!

On our way over to Mom’s we spotted this totally awesome spot covered in leaves! I had to pull over and let Alayna play….which became a spontaneous bday photoshoot!!

Can’t you just see the joy on her face!?!

Miss Sassafras!! 😀 She’s so adorable! I just want to gobble her up!

Those eyes will melt hearts one day! LOL!

We also met this fella. He LOVED the camera. In fact, he came over just to pose!! 😛

Happy Birthday to my smart, beautiful, creative, not funny (because she doesn’t like it when you call her funny. It makes her mad…LOL!), curly haired, big blue eyed girl! I love you to pieces!!! 😀

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