I got the phone call today. It usually goes a little something like this:

“We’d like you to come down and meet with us tonight if you can?”

“Oh..OK..What time?” (Internal thoughts run rampant..A million ideas pass through your mind in a split second.)

“Does 6:30 work for you since you will be dropping off the boys for Cub Scouts?”

“Ya..That works.” (Mind is still racing creating all types of scenarios. Stomach starts to turn into a thousand butterflies.)

“See you at 6:30.”-click…

(You can’t concentrate the rest of the day. 6:30 can’t come soon enough you just want to hear whatever it is that’s in store. You wait..6:30 does arrive, and then you have your answers..whatever they may be.)

I knew it was coming. Our Relief Society President announced earlier last month that she was moving back to Texas to take care of her Mother. I just didn’t know it was going to hit me SO hard. I’m really going to miss the women. I loved going out on visits and getting to know each one of them personally. Meeting their kids, husbands, and just learning more about them than I ever would get the chance to know just by chatting in the hallway at church. Because come on let’s face it..everyone is running off to their classes and we don’t really stop in the hall and chat.

I’m trying to pick myself up and move forward ….. this might take some time.

I was asked to fill another calling. I’ll wait and fill you in on that one after they sustain me on Sunday.


  • Katie

    I was surprisingly bummed when I got released too. It's by far my favorite calling I've ever had because of all of the sisters you get to know and serve and the experiences you wouldn't have otherwise. I'm sure your sisters will miss you too!

  • Katie

    Yeah, I got released really suddenly last year and I had a hard time not taking it personally, like I had not done a good job or something. I never really "clicked" with the president (I was the only young one in the presidency) and it felt really personal. But then days after I got released an opportunity to move to the town we had wanted to move to for a while, fell in our laps and we jumped on it. We both said that had I still been in my calling I probably wouldn't have been willing to move yet and we would have missed this awesome opportunity. I'm sure the Lord already has the next great project in store for you but in the mean time, I think it's okay to feel a little sad and eat some chocolate 🙂

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