Don’t Scare Me Like That!

Eli gave us a bit of a scare! 😬

He went to the dentist to get a filling and he passed out. They gave him the the numbing shot and everything was fine. Once they stepped out of the room things started to take a turn. He started to feel chest pains and it was hard to breathe. He was trying to call out to them to tell them he couldn’t see. Everything was going black, and he was feeling weird, but he couldn’t yell out very well. He couldn’t keep his head up and then he passed out. He said he came to and his head bobbed around and then he passed out again.

The assistant finally came back in and noticed what was going on and started yelling for someone to come help. The doctor rushed in and cracked open a thing of smelling salts. (Eli said it burns your nose like crazy and makes your body feel tingly.) He made him take about 5 deep breaths of it and he said it was awful!!

He said the experience made him sweat like crazy! (Which I guess is common when this happens.) It was like every pore opened up and just gushed sweat like a dam opened up. They placed cool washcloths on him and some ice packs to help cool him down.

The doctor said it was syncope. Happens 1-2 times/yr in their office. It can be caused by several things; dehydration, low blood sugar, low blood pressure, fear of needles, stress, etc. We aren’t sure exactly what the cause was for him but we do know he has a fear of needles. However, he said he wasn’t anxious about it this time. So we still don’t have a clear answer. We DO know that next time he won’t be left alone after he gets treatment!

This is what he looked like when he got home. He turned around and showed us how sweaty he got. Even his pants are soaked through. What the heck!?!!! 😱

They asked him if he wanted to go ahead and finish the filling. The doctor wanted to postpone but he told them, “I’m here and I’m already numb. Let’s just do it.” They completed it and then they kept him for observation for 20 minutes and made him drink a TON of water before they would let him leave the office. They kept asking him if he felt ok to drive and if he wanted them to call someone to pick him up but he said he was ok. He’s doing much better and says he feels fine, other than feeling tired/drained from the experience.

Of course this happens the ONE time I didn’t go with him. Always makes you feel like Mother of the Year when stuff like this happens and you aren’t there. Sigh…🤦

He has an appointment Thursday for a consultation to have his wisdom teeth removed. We’ll definitely be informing them of this and asking lots of questions! If a small filling can cause this…what will surgery do? LOL!!

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