Final Game

Eli had his last T-ball game last Wednesday. The weather this season was absolutely perfect! It makes it so much more enjoyable when you aren’t scraping yourself off of the camping chairs by the end of the!

Eli really did GREAT this season. He really seemed to “get it” this time around and he was,if I do say so myself, the best player on the team. His running speed was unmatched by his team mates and his throwing and catching blew me away! 😀 It was so much fun to watch this guy!

This was his last time to play T-Ball. He’s moving up to coach pitch next year and we are all looking forward to what that new twist will bring.

Here he is at his last game. The coach put him in as pitcher, which would make his Uncle Boog proud! 🙂

Eli has the “Eye of the Tiger” when he plays…he’s out to win! LOL!!

I LOVE this shot of him. I circled the ball that just barely missed his grasp..but you can see the determination on his face! 🙂

Did I mention how FAST this kid is??? It’s really incredible how fast he can run. No one tagged him out all season!

After his last game the team got certificates and pins and had cupcakes. It was a great team we had this year. We had several friends from church in the ranks as well. The coaches were AMAZING, which after playing several different sports with both boys, we have found to be a rarity. T-ball was awesome this year!

Way to go get ’em Eli!! 😀

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