So Mysterious

In 2007 we took trip to San Diego. It wasn’t really see we woke up one morning and there was a ‘clue’ left for the boys. With each clue was also a puzzle piece that gave us even more information to where we need to go. We decided we better follow the trail to see what we would find. 🙂

The first clue was sitting by the boys’ alarm clock that had mysteriously been set by someone, and was beeping…

A man at the airport handed this one to us.

After we got our luggage another person handed us this clue.

This one was given to us by the guy that rented us the car

After we spent the afternoon playing at Seaport Village, and getting some lunch, we got in the car and found this in the glove box. 🙂

This clue was waiting outside our hotel door.

The attendant at the parking booth gave us our final clue.

This is the finished puzzle. They really didn’t figure it out until they got the very last piece and clue. 😛

We had such an adventure and created a memory none of us will ever forget!


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