Here Goes Nothing..

So my b.f.f. Jill has been harassing me for several months to start a blog. I’ve finally decided to give it a try and hopefully this will be a better record of our daily happenings than my journaling..which never gets done. 🙂

My children are my joy and my gray hair…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Today was no different with the cunning and Oscar winning acting of Walker totally faking being sick so he could stay home from school. Within an hour of everyone leaving for work and school he was running laps around the island in the kitchen…FAKER! OK I have to admit…I’ve faked being sick a few times when I was a kid too. Who hasn’t? But this was just blatant “I want to get out of school today faking.”

Proof is in the picture!

Alayna however,is truly sick…poor baby girl!

Isn’t she so cute when she’s sick?

She’s been running a low grade fever and wants Mommy to hold her all day. I love to cuddle with my Sweets, so I can’t really complain. I just feel bad for her.


  • Jill Ison

    alayna being sick probably made walkers story a whole lot more believable! What a rascal. She is so so cute when she sick… look at those rosey cheeks. I bet you smooch those all day.

  • Katie

    I’m so excited you have a blog! If you ever want a template besides what blogspot offers, on my blog I have the links to a few sites that offer them for free. is my personal fave. Can’t wait to stalk you!

  • Anonymous

    That is so funny! Anna doesn’t go to school yet, but she does pretend to be sick whenever Caitlyn is. I think she just gets jealous of all the attention. If Caitlyn coughs, you KNOW Anna will be coughing too within the next few minutes!

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