Triple Crown Tournament

Alayna had her first travel tournament. It was held in Kansas City, Missouri. She was so excited to go. The forecast for a while was saying the high’s were going to be in the mid 20’s -30’s. Thankfully for these AZ natives they just missed the big snow storm by a day and temps warmed up to more reasonable conditions. LOL!

I wish I could go with them to all of these fun places but travel expenses are very hefty. Thankfully, one of the mom’s on the team live streamed the games for those of us who weren’t able to make it and Jared and Alayna took pictures for me. <3

They stayed at the Hotel Indigo. They said it was a cool little hotel. They had some time the first day to settle in and wander around the area.

There was still a “little” bit of snow on the ground and it was just enough for these two to play in and have a blast! Look at the teeny tiny snowman they built. I didn’t really understand how small it was until I saw her shoe next to it for size reference. LOL!

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it. It looks like someone picked her up and shoved her head first into the snow. Hahaha!

They won their first game but the rest of the weekend didn’t go as well as we’d hoped. They played their hearts out though!

It was funny to see that they had a market at the convention center called The Kitch Market! It’s not a common name! <3

It was a busy weekend and she learned a lot through this 1st travel tournament. As the girls gain more experience it will help them develop into a very strong team. They have such great potential!

Their next tournament is in Salt Lake next month. Let’s see what they can accomplish!!