SVJH vs Highland & Gilbert Classical Academy – Campo Verde Night & Another 4×4!

Another week of lots and lots of volleyball!
Alayna’s school played Highland Jr. and Gilbert Classical Academy this week. 
She was on a roll that night! Her serves were awesome and her hits and passes were sharp! They won!
SVJH 25  Highland 17
SVJH 25  Highland 11
Coach sent this out that night. These are the standings for the schools so far. It didn’t include that night’s games. As you can see, Greenfield Jr. is our toughest competitor! 
The SVJH volleyball teams were invited to a dinner at  Campo Verde on Tuesday night and got to meet the High School volleyball coaches and girls on the Freshman, Jr. Varsity, and Varsity teams. 
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so all of the girls are wearing their pink jerseys all month! <3 
They watched a few of their games as well. Alayna said she’d rather be out there playing than watching. LOL! That girl…haha! 
Thursday they played GCA and won! 
SVJH 25  GCA 10
SVJH 25  GCA 11
And to wrap up the week she put together a 4×4 team! 
And to wrap up the week she put together a 4×4 team!

We are working on controlling those legs! LOL!! Cracks me up!! 😛 
McKenna, Haley, Marissa, Alayna

McKenna and Marissa play with Alayna on their school team. Haley is a friend from last year’s Club team. They played hard and had fun. They didn’t place but it’s always good to get on the court and get more ball time in! 🙂 

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