Top Golf

We were all feeling at a bit out of sorts after we dropped Walker off at the airport. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves but we knew we needed to keep busy. We had finally decided we’d go see a movie but on the way we saw Top Golf. Only Eli had been before and so we thought we’d give it a try! As luck would have it we came on a Tuesday when they apparently have 1/2 off prices! Boy was that a tender mercy or what!?! 

It was a little warm out but they had awesome fan/misters that helped us stay cool. We tried several of their appetizers and they were all delicious. We loved the cheese fries the most! 
We had so much fun. It was just what we needed to help keep our minds off of everything. 
It was a nice afternoon spent together trying to move forward with our new family dynamic. We laughed so hard and it helped our hearts! <3 

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