Polar Bear Plunge & Happy New Year!!!

 New Year’s Day we had the family over for a BBQ and our 6th Annual Polar Bear Plunge!!! 
The Kitch Polar Bear Club has seen a surge in members this year!! The water was a brisk 45 degrees! ❄️ It was a blast!
Jared always ends up going first. He’s definitely the bravest! He’s such a fun Dad and Uncle! <3 
That face is EXACTLY why I don’t go in! I think I would literally die! Haha!

Alayna was up next. She is the one who usually does it every year with Jared. She always has a freak out before hand though. That dance she does is a crack up ! 
Morgan didn’t hesitate to go and dove right in!
Natalie was next….
Then Carlos….
It’s always hilarious to watch. It was entertainment for the rest of us for sure! Jared is such a good sport and always hams it up for me for pictures! <3 
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Jared and Alayna! <3 <3 
All the brave Polar Bear Plungers! 
All the spectators were freezing just watching. Idk how they got in that water! 
We played games afterwards, visited and enjoyed a relaxing day together. 
Brynne came over to hang out too. 
 Happy New Year from the Kitch’s! I hope you and yours has a blessed year! 

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