Halloween & the E.R.

 So our Halloween started out with a bit of a ‘scare’….literally!!!
Eli’s been running high fevers since yesterday. This morning he passed out and lost consciousness for a little bit and was shaking like it might have been a seizure. I did the best I could to catch him so he didn’t hit his head. He’s not a little boy anymore, and it certainly wasn’t graceful, but I was able to help him to the ground. Lol! 
I got him a pillow to put under his head once he came to and could respond. I’ve never seen anyone pass out like that before. It was really scary!
I called his doctor and explained what happened and she felt it was necessary for us to go to the E.R. for some tests. 

I was teasing him saying he decided to dress up as an E.R. patient for Halloween. LOL! It didn’t get any laughs. 😛

He was NOT happy about this! He hates needles and they of course always draw blood. He was whiter than white when they came to draw it. He has beautiful veins and he said the pain isn’t even the worst part, it’s the thought of the needle being inside of his body. :/ 
He was a trooper though and he survived! 🙂 We did however deny the IV. He probably could have used it but he wasn’t about that life! LOL!
He got some x-rays too. This mobile machine was pretty slick!

We were there for several hours. Halloween is a busy day I guess. They discharged him and didn’t really give us any diagnosis. His labs were good and his x-ray was clear. So we left the hospital without a diagnosis. 
Thankfully, earlier in the day Brynne offered to come over to take Alayna Trick-or-Treating. It worked out so perfectly! 

She saved the night for her while we were at the ER with Eli. She is such a an amazing young woman! So grateful for her! ❤️❤️❤️

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