High School Graduate!!

Today was the BIG day!!!
We let Walker choose anywhere he wanted to go for his celebratory lunch. He chose Firebirds. We love that place! We asked him what he wanted for dessert after graduation and he said pies! So we got him some of his faves; key lime, cherry, blackberry cobbler, and caramel apple…with lots of ice cream of course!! 😛 

By the time we arrived to the High School the side of the stadium in the shade was full…bummer. But we were smart and brought lots of water and an umbrella to help keep us cool. The weather actually wasn’t too bad. The high was around 93. In past years it’s been well over 100. 

 We anxiously awaited the Seniors to file in. 
Here they come!!!
Look!!! I spotted him!!! Love my big zoom lens for occasions like this! 
It actually ended up being perfect that we sat on the opposite side. I had a clear shot of Walker the whole time! It was awesome! He’s right by the teacher in black. 🙂 
They had musical numbers and lots of speeches and then it was time to hand out those coveted diplomas!!
Anxiously waiting……
He’s almost there….
They called his name, “Walker Samuel Kitch”…we cheered our guts out!!!!!
He shook lots of hands…. 
This is the school principal.
And just like that….he’s done!!!!!
The class threw their caps in the air and all of the students and parents cheered and whooped and hollered…we ALL did it!!!! Whew!!!
They even shot of some fireworks but I was too slow getting my camera out so I just got this little guy. 😛 
He’s a graduate!! 🎓 
So proud of this guy. He finished in the top 10% of his class! In fact he is in the top 8.35%!!! 😛 He is 39th out of 467 students. His weighted GPA is 4.2093 and unweighted is 3.6047. What an amazing accomplishment!! Because of his high ranking he earned himself a 2 year full-ride scholarship to any Maricopa Community College! <3 It’s called the Presidents’ Honors Scholarship Program. We are bursting with pride!!! Jared has been plugging away at school for several years, it’s quite possible Walker will be the first college graduate in our family!! 
Can’t wait to see what the future holds for him! 
Eli played in the band for the graduation ceremony. It was a sea of people and it took us a while to find him that’s why he’s not in the picture. 😛 
Walker’s Uncle Jeff and Aunt Bea came out and celebrated with us! 
 We finally found Eli after a while and got a family pic together. 😀 
I really thought I was going to cry. I’m a crier…lol! I’ve been all over with my emotions the last couple of weeks. But when the time came I was just really happy and excited for him. He has such a bright future ahead and I’m looking forward to seeing where that takes him in life. 
For now he doesn’t have any immediate plans. Summer will be like most every other summer, but maybe working a lot more, and  that’s possibly why I haven’t cried yet..LOL! He does want to serve a mission for our church but is still in the process of making that happen. He may go ahead and start college in the fall depending on what happens with his mission papers, and timing of his calling. So we are just in a bit of limbo for now. 
Walker loves learning and is such a great teacher that he plans to go to school to become one. His desire is to be a college professor teaching psychology. We have no doubt he can achieve that dream!
Congratulations Walker!!! You did it!!!!! 

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