Happy 15th Birthday Eli!!!

Happy 15th birthday to this wild and crazy guy!! 🎂🎉🎈 Eli brings so much fun and life into our lives. His quick wit and humor make everyone laugh. His personality is larger than life and he has a heart to match. Love this boy of ours!! 💙💙
Eli decided on Macayo’s for his Bday lunch! He loves himself some fried ice cream! 😛 
 He was happy as a clam until dessert came and the servers burst out in clapping and singing! Hahaha!!!!!
He said, “You played me!” LOL!!!!!
 Those eyes…
That smirk…
 That expression…
Made it all worth it!!!!! I was dying!!! Hahaha!!!!! What made it even better is going back and looking at the pictures and seeing Walker’s face! He had no sympathy either! 😛 
We had a nice lunch as a family. 
I don’t know where time goes. I say this every year on every kid’s bday. It really is an illusive thing! I love my boy! He really is an incredible person. I genuinely love spending time with him and talking with him about anything and everything. I love the young man he’s becoming and it brings me so much joy to have a front row seat in his life!
PS. In just 6 short months he’ll be getting his driving permit! He’s beyond excited!! Gulp!

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