It’s here! The Championships! 
Alayna was nervous about the night. We almost thought it would be cancelled due to lighting and rain. Thankfully both stayed far enough away until after the meet! 
Alayna swam great but she was a little off tonight. In her 1st race she forgot which stroke she was doing and that gave her a slower time. Her new swim suit was also an issue. Every time she dove in, she had to take a second to pull her bottoms back up!! LOL! Darn it! We should have thought of that! 🙁 She also swam all afternoon with  a new friend and it showed in her swimming that she was tired from it. 
She still did awesome…but we know she could have done better. Live and learn.
50m Breaststroke. 4th lane. 
She placed 2nd!! 
25m Butterfly. 3rd lane. 
3rd Place!!! 
She also improved her time from last week by .08 seconds! 🙂 
100m Individual Medley. 3rd from the right lane. 
7th Place! 
 She took home a silver and bronze medal! She got a ribbon for 7th place. 
We are so proud of her hard work and commitment this season. It was tough getting up at 6:30am every morning for practice! But she loves swim and she finished the season strong! Way to go Laney!!!!

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