I’ve been struggling with some emotional things since being in the ICU this summer. I’ve been seeing a counselor and she has said that I have PTSD and anxiety. I’ve always struggled with anxiety over the years (and Postpartum Depression after having Eli) but not at this level and not with PTSD. It’s been a completely overwhelming time in my life. The best way I can explain it is, it’s like I’m watching a stranger from the inside out. 
My counselor recommended that perhaps I not only need to look at the emotional part but the whole picture of my health. She had seen a Naturopath several years ago after she had acute pancreatitis. She felt that maybe I might benefit from what she did for her and others. 
So Friday I finally went. She uses this machine that scans your body to look for deficiencies. Vitamin, hormonal, mineral, all sorts of things. I know, I know, sounds a little “woo-woo witch doctory” but I was willing to give it a try if it would help. I really respect my counselor who also happens to be a very close and dear friend. I trust her fully and feel she wouldn’t steer me wrong. 

This is what the scanner looks like. The appointment usually takes an hour but she was so wonderful and talked with me and explained things in great detail for me. It ended up being 2 hours.

In the end we found that I’m very depleted in several essential vitamins and minerals. Which I suppose makes sense since the infection I had took an amazing toll on my body and I was giving the doctors a good scare. They weren’t quite sure how to help me, hence being in the ICU for almost a week.

She doesn’t sell anything which also helped me to feel like she was there to help and not to push anything on me. She gave me the report and talked with me about what supplements I should take and the doses and how to add them into my diet and track how I feel as I slowly add them in.

It’s been 4 days now. I started with adding in more B-complex vitamins and I have been able to see a difference. It almost seems too simple to be the answer. Over time I will add in more calcium, magnesium, B6, Kelp, & Hawthorn Berries. I won’t go in to depth of why I need each supplement. I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to diagnose or attempt to treat anyone else. These were specific to me and my body.

I’m hopeful as I continue to add in the other supplements I will continue to see more and more improvements. I firmly believe God will help us to find answers to our questions and healing. It sometimes takes longer than we like, but it’s a journey.

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