Happy Halloween!

So amidst all the crazy wedding happenings the next night was Halloween! Jonita and Nicole came over to go Trick or Treating with us but, before that we had a pumpkin to carve! 🙂
Apparently Nicole has no memory of ever carving a pumpkin. So we remedied that real quick! 😛 Alayna is our little artist and she drew the face and all 3 cousins got to work on bringing it to life! 😀
 Here is their finished product! Looks pretty awesome!!!
 Natalie: Antman, Jen: Wonder Woman, Carlos: Ninja, Eli: Hulk, Alayna: Feline Fairy
Then it was time for BUSINESS!!!! 
Jonita stayed at the house to hand out candy and the rest of us went to see what goodies the neighbors had. 😛 We brought back quite a haul of sugar that’s for sure! However, we don’t know where all the other Trick or Treaters were this year. We didn’t even go through one bag of candy and we hardly saw any kids out this year…very strange….
We did stop at our friend’s the O’Laughlin’s. They take pumpkin carving to the next level!!! Pretty rad huh!?!
Here is a creepy story my daughter wrote. I have no words….. LOL!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!

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