McClendon Family Reunion

Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the McClendon Family Reunion since Alayna is having her tonsils out. However, my Mom and Dad were able to go. 
This is a pic of mom, her step-mom, her brothers and sister standing at the grave of their father William McClendon Sr.
left to right, front row: Christine McClendon Long, Betty McClendon, Martha McClendon Morrison
back row: Daniel McClendon, William McClendon, Richard McClendon

I wish we could have been there to support mom and get to know the McClendon’s better.  I know it is always difficult for my mom to get together with that side of her family. There is a lot of hurt feelings, grief, pain, and lack of communication. Not to say that it is any one person’s fault. I’m sure everyone has a part in it. It breaks my heart honestly. She did say it was a good visit and she was happy she went. I don’t really know that side of the family very well either. In the past few years I’ve gotten to know them better and that has been nice.

Mom grew up split between two families after her parents divorced. She never felt she fit in in either family. She was treated as an outsider by both. It’s caused her to be mistrusting and guarded in her life. Her step-father didn’t want her to see her real father, and her real father stopped trying after a while. He sent child support money and that was a huge blessing to mom’s family she lived with (the Bernal’s). Life gets complicated and hard sometimes.

I’m just happy to see that perhaps some forgiveness on all sides is happening and perhaps some healing too.

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