Grease Monkeys

Today we were driving to Mom & Dad’s to drop off a laptop for Dad to use on his work trip to California this week. As we got on the freeway the car began making a strange noise and we weren’t sure what it was. It was still driving fine but there was a loud weird noise. I pulled off the freeway as soon as I could and we found the back rear passenger side tire was flat. 
Now we had a choice to get upset or to use this as a moment to teach our children a valuable lesson. We chose to teach the kids the in’s and out’s of changing a tire! 🙂
Look at them go! 😛
They did a great job! I was so proud of them. They did it all by themselves!
We looked at the tire and it had a huge blowout in the inside wall and a nail in the top of it. There was no repairing it. 
We also ran into another problem. When we went to put on the spare it was flat….so we had to call Dad to pick us up and drive us to the tire shop to get a new wheel, drive back to the car to put it on, then drive back to the tire shop to fill the spare with air and to also buy a 2nd tire for the other back wheel because it also looked like it was waaaay over due. Whew!! It was a crazy afternoon!
It was fortunate that it happened today though and not during rush hour traffic or when Jared was supposed to be driving to a client’s for work. The kids learned a valuable lesson in car maintenance and the tires were less expensive than we thought they were going to be. All in all everything worked out! 🙂 Grateful for tender mercies!

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