Happy Birthday Jared!

This guy turned 44!

We had a low-key celebration which is just how he prefers it. I made him a big breakfast, he’s a big fan of the big breakfast, and did my best to spoil him. 🙂 He tried his hand at making steaks on the grill in a cast iron skillet and they turned out awesome!

He requested my famous German chocolate cake. It takes about an hour to make the icing. So you know you are loved if I make this cake for you. 😛

We didn’t have two number four candles so we had to make due. LOL!

I’m so grateful for Jared. He is the person I can tell anything and feel safe and who forgives me for all my shortcomings, and who pushes me and “gets” me and is right there in the trenches with me forever. Oh it’s not all rainbows and butterflies, we’re good at fighting and we’re both stubborn as they come. But he is humble and helps me be want to be that way too, and when things get the most stressful and crazy, he can make me laugh. Right then and there. <3

Happy Birthday Babe!

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