Wild West!

Alayna’s class went to Rockin ‘R’ Ranch for a fieldtrip! Jared and I chaperoned together. Alayna thought that was the coolest thing ever! 🙂
Learning how to lasso! 
Dad giving some pointers!

Riding the….hay cow?! 😛

Alayna got too warm so she had Dad carry her sweater. Don’t you think he looks fabulous? LOL!
Our little cowgirl!
The Class.
A tourist attraction isn’t complete with out a wooden cut out! 😛
It’s hard to see but they are feeding a sheep. Well, they are really ‘trying’ to feed the sheep. I think it had already had it’s fill and they were force feeding the poor thing! Hahaha!
Practicing riding in a saddle.
And of course…panning for gold.  
It was hard work!
Last but not least they each took a turn learning how to use the grinding stones the Indians used to use.
It was a quick but fun fieldtrip. Alayna thought it was pretty great having us both there and it was neat to see her learn about the Wild West! 😀

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